Superfish Mag-Clean L large floating algae magnets for cleaning fish tank glass
Floating Algae Magnets
Mag-Clean by SuperFish are floating algae magnets designed for cleaning aquarium glass with ease. These magnetic tools are a must have for any type of glass aquarium!
  • S - for glass thickness of up to 5mm the small size will be OK
  • M - for glass thickness of up to 10mm the medium size will be better
  • L - the large size can be used on tanks with glass thickness of up to 16mm
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Oase OptiMax Standard Inline and submersible pumps 500, 2000, 5000
OptiMax Pumps
OptiMax pumps are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. These energy efficient pumps are multi-purpose, and reliable for continuous use. The larger sizes are also flexible in that they can work as inline dry pumps or as standard submersible pumps. The flow is controllable too, which allows for varied usage.
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StreamMax Classic 2000 to add water movement for plants and corals
StreamMax Classic 2000
The StreamMax Classic 2000 flow pump is suitable for any medium to large aquarium. At 2000 litres per hour, this will add a wide angle flow to help avoid dead spots and discourage pest algae from growing.
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Reef Zlements ICP testing for saltwater single triple and OES RODI testing in a lab quickly
Reef Zlements ICP Testing
Reef Zlements ICP testing for accurate and in depth analysis of your marine aquarium water. Simply fill up the tubes, register your test online and post to Reef Zlements for testing. Tests are available as new gen green saltwater ICP, a three pack of new gen green saltwater ICPs, a test of each new gen green saltwater and RODI test and an advanced saltwater test which includes 9 extra parameters. Please see the full description below for more details.
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