BioPlus & Thermo Filters


BioPlus and BioPlus Thermo internal corner filters by Oase.

Suitable for small to medium coldwater or tropical aquariums.

The design is space saving, allowing you the option to integrate a Oase HeatUp heater neatly within the filter unit.

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BioPlus & BioPlus Thermo internal filters by Oase are designed for small to medium coldwater or tropical aquariums.

The BioPlus Thermo range include an integrated heater.

There are six filters to choose from depending on the size and waste load of your aquarium:

  • BioPlus 50
  • BioPlus Thermo 50
  • BioPlus 100
  • BioPlus Thermo 100
  • BioPlus 200
  • BioPlus Thermo 200

The number next to the filter shows the maximum amount of litres that the filter is designed for.

BioPlus do not include a heater, but do have room to upgrade to a heater later on.

BioPlus Thermo models do include a heater.

If your aquarium is more than 200 litres we have a full range of larger external filters in stock that will handle more waste and turnover more water.

Integrated Heater

This filter is an even better design than most, because it can house an aquarium heater. This means there’s even less aquarium equipment visible in your tank. Having your heater installed into the filter unit also protects the heater. Leaving it less exposed to the possibility of knocks or falling rocks or even of running dry.

If you click ‘yes’ to a heater, this filter will come with an Oase HeatUp heater installed. If you choose ‘no’ to the heater, a HeatUp can be added later on, and fits neatly into the filter. See below for details of the heater wattage needed. HeatUp by Oase is the only recommended heater for use with this filter.

Oase HeatUp heaters have internal thermostats in order to self regulate to the temperature that you set them to. They are fully controllable so that you can choose the ideal temperature for your tropical fish. Because the heater is situated within the filter, it works more efficiently. This is because there is a constant flow of aquarium water.

Space saving design

Place this filter discreetly in a corner of the aquarium for undisturbed views of your underwater world. If you have the Thermo version, the heater is neatly placed in the back corner of the unit.

Magnetic Bracket

This filter is easy to clean! The magnetic bracket makes it easy to remove and attach the filter cartridges. Magnetic brackets tend to outlast traditional suction cup filtration mounting.


The BioPlus pump is extremely quiet and energy efficient.

Great filtration

The high surface area volume of the filter foams ensure effective mechanical and biological filtration.

Your aquarium’s life support system

When aquarium foam has a high surface area, more ‘friendly’ bacteria are able to colonise. This filter bacteria is known as denitrifying bacteria. It is important to have a healthy population growing in your filter because it helps to break down fish waste.

Run an aquarium filter 24 hours a day to keep the water quality balanced for your aquatic animals.

In order to keep you bacteria colony healthy, remember not to clean your sponges with tap water. Instead, take a small bucket of water out of the tank and gently squeeze your filter sponges in this bucket of water to remove excess waste. When topping up your tank afterwards it is important to use dechlorinator. Chlorine in tap water is designed to kill off bacteria and that’s the last thing we want to do to our aquarium filters!

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50, 100, 200

Include a heater

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