Flexible air diffuser for air pumps accessory airstone alternative
Flexible Air Diffusers
Flexible air diffusers by Superfish are an alternative to standard air stones. Theses air curtains are to make a bubble wall effect in your aquarium. Available in three lengths: 125mm, 300mm and 600mm
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Flexible Aquarium Hose 5 meter length 12mm internal diameter 16mm external diameter 12_16mm by superfish
Flexible Aquarium Hose
High quality flexible aquarium hose by Superfish is useful for replacing external filter hose, ideal for regular aquarium maintenance (especially for siphoning and to attach to a gravel cleaner), plus these hoses work to attach most aquarium water pumps to reactors and media filters. Check the size required by the product that you need the hose to go with. We stock 5 meter (pre-cut) lengths in two standard diameters:
  • Internal of 9mm with external of 12mm
  • Internal of 12mm with external of 16mm
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Superfish Mag-Clean L large floating algae magnets for cleaning fish tank glass
Floating Algae Magnets
Mag-Clean by SuperFish are floating algae magnets designed for cleaning aquarium glass with ease. These magnetic tools are a must have for any type of glass aquarium!
  • S - for glass thickness of up to 5mm the small size will be OK
  • M - for glass thickness of up to 10mm the medium size will be better
  • L - the large size can be used on tanks with glass thickness of up to 16mm
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Slim LEDs Superfish for tropical planted aquariums fish tanks from 48cm to 115cm long
SuperFish Slim LED
SuperFish Slim LED tropical freshwater aquarium lights are designed for plant growth. There are four sizes that will work for open or closed top aquariums:
  • 45cm - for aquarium length of between 48 - 66 cm
  • 55cm - for aquarium length of between 58 - 76 cm
  • 74cm - for aquarium length of between 77 - 95 cm
  • 93cm - for aquarium length of between 96 - 114 cm
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