Z-Complete (2 Part Dosing)


Z-Complete (2 Part Dosing) by Reef Zlements – designed for adding all macro and trace elements that corals need to thrive.

Two part dosing can be used if you are planning to cut down on regular water changes in your reef aquarium.

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Z-Complete (2 Part Dosing) by Reef Zlements – designed for adding all macro and trace elements that corals need to thrive.

Less water changes with Z-Complete (2 Part Dosing)

2 Part dosing should always be used if you are planning to cut down on water changes

If you want to achieve an aquarium with less maintenance you will need to manage nitrate and phosphate removal. Use sufficient protein skimming alongside BioPellets or carbon dosing. These methods remove waste levels by significantly promoting bacteria that deal with nitrates and phosphates.

With normal aquarium maintenance it is advisable to change 10% of your water once a week or around 25% of your water every two weeks. This is because, with a high quality salt such as Red Sea Coral Pro, you add macro and trace elements back into your fish tank at the same time as doing a partial water change.

If you are using a 2 part dosing system like Z-Complete or Z-pHplus you can do less water changes. Monitor water quality to determine how much water to change and when. Most people find that 5 or 10% a month is enough but this will vary from tank to tank. Some people do more, some people less.

Why might 2 part dosing be for me?

The ionic balance in a reef aquarium is achieved by 2 part dosing. Another option is regular water changes. You might find that the water quality stays good for a short while in a new aquarium. But the macro elements of KH, calcium and magnesium will eventually go out of balance with each other without one of those maintenance methods. In turn, corals are unable to grow well, and the aquarium is markedly less healthy.

If like many others, you have less spare time that you would like, 2 part dosing alongside waste removal could be easier for you.

Z-Complete 2 part dosing system – inorganic and ionically balanced:

  • ​Provides your reef aquarium with optimal levels of alkalinity and calcium
  • Dose straight from the bottle or use dosing containers
  • Or can be diluted if you have a mall aquarium and need less concentration
  • If you use as recommended, it will maintain the ionic balance of your aquarium
  • Cost effective
  • Available in 1000ml, 2500ml, 5000ml and 10 litre recyclable jerry cans
  • Quality is strictly controlled by UK based independent laboratories
  • Includes boron, bromide, chromium, fluoride, iodide, lithium, magnesium, potassium, sulphate, strontium, and many other trace elements

Z-Complete (2 Part Dosing) Reef Zlements identCoral growth at 2X

This dosing method, when used correctly, has the ability to massively increase coral growth. Reef Zlements say that compared with other dosing methods, Z-Complete grows coral up to two times faster! Z-Complete contains everything that coral needs to grow. As corals grow, their needs for macro and micro elements will change. Therefore, you may need to add more Z-Complete as time goes on – the larger the corals, the more dosing consumption is to be expected.

ICP Testing

Overall, the very best way to know how much Z-Complete you need is by regular ICP testing. You can still use more traditional methods of testing as well. We recommend testing for salinity, nitrate, phosphate, KH, calcium and magnesium at least once weekly. You can use Salifert, Hanna or Red Sea test kits for these easily at home. However, with ICP testing you can get an overall picture of many other trace levels too. Z-Complete will add trace elements back into the aquarium, but some coral use more elements that others. So regular ICP testing checks if you need any additional elements, which you can add separately if needed.

Z-Complete (2 Part Dosing) Reef Zlements identPart 1:

Contains 10.000 dKH in 1 litre

10 ml raises alkalinity in 100 litres of water by 1dKH

Ion balancing elements

Substantially raises pH and supports coral health and growth 

Z-Complete (2 Part Dosing) Reef Zlements identPart 2:

> 71.000 mg of calcium per litre

Multi Element supplementation

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1000ml, 2500ml, 5000ml, 10 litre


Both Parts: 1 & 2, Part 1 only, Part 2 only


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