Cornwall Aquatics’ story

Cornwall Aquarium Services was founded in September 2013 by Louise Macchi. Lou started working in the aquarium trade in the early 2000s but has been a fishkeeping hobbyist since her early teens. By 2018 Darren, Nathan and Lewis had joined to make up the current team of enthusiastic aquarists that you see today at Cornwall Aquatics & Aquarium Services.

In 2020 Cornwall Aquarium Services expanded and opened a bricks & mortar shop called Cornwall Aquatics. In 2021 Cornwall Aquatics have continued to expand, selling a wide selection of aquarium goods online as well.

We will deliver to any part of Cornwall and some parts of Devon with our own vans. Delivery is also now available for most items in our shop further afield within the UK. For more information, please visit our shop, contact us or see our shipping & returns information.

Friendly, reliable and professional

We love fishkeeping!

Fishkeeping isn’t just a job for us, we keep aquariums at home too. Our team specialise in maintaining marine and freshwater aquariums as well as ponds. We love what we do and take pride in every aspect of our work.

Experience counts

Over the years we have had a chance to learn more every day about keeping aquariums. The world of aquarium keeping is always changing but the basics stay the same. With constant new technology we know that we still have more to learn but we make every effort to keep informed and up to date. We are lucky enough to be able to work on some quite high tech aquariums in Cornwall. At Cornwall Aquatics, we are also working with suppliers to learn what new products are available to keep your fish happy!

The team have over 50 years of combined experience in the aquatic trade and many more years of private fishkeeping before that too. Together, our extensive knowledge covers all aspects of fishkeeping. With our experience and continued efforts to learn more every day we are told by our customers that we are Cornwall’s leading aquarium maintenance provider.

Customer led

Our customers are the heart of our business. We endeavour to cover all of your fishkeeping needs and have learnt so much by doing so. We appreciate your ongoing help & support and we wouldn’t be here without you!