Flexible Aquarium Hose 5 meter length 12mm internal diameter 16mm external diameter 12_16mm by superfish
Flexible Aquarium Hose
High quality flexible aquarium hose by Superfish is useful for replacing external filter hose, ideal for regular aquarium maintenance (especially for siphoning and to attach to a gravel cleaner), plus these hoses work to attach most aquarium water pumps to reactors and media filters. Check the size required by the product that you need the hose to go with. We stock 5 meter (pre-cut) lengths in two standard diameters:
  • Internal of 9mm with external of 12mm
  • Internal of 12mm with external of 16mm
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Spiral Brush by Oase for cleaning aquarium pipes and spray bars
Spiral Brush
The Spiral Brush is ideal for cleaning the inside of a hose or spray bar with an internal diameter of 9 mm - 25 mm. This brush is 150 cm long. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. After use in saltwater, it should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water.
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