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StreamMax Classic 2000


The StreamMax Classic 2000 flow pump is suitable for any medium to large aquarium. At 2000 litres per hour, this will add a wide angle flow to help avoid dead spots and discourage pest algae from growing.

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StreamMax Classic 2000 is a flow pump suitable for freshwater or marine aquariums.

If you have small freshwater shrimp or fish or if you have a marine tank with any anemones in it, we recommend using this pump with a Flow Pump Cover Net.

At 2000 litres per hour, it adds a wide angle water flow.

Water flow in a fish tank is important to prevent dead spots. Sufficient flow helps fish waste to stay in suspension, and so the filter can work more efficiently to remove it. This, in turn discourages pest algae from growing.

Keep in mind that any obstacle in the aquarium will slow down flow (eg rock or wood). So having flow from at least two directions in an aquarium is a very good idea.

StreamMax Classic 2000 for plants

Added water flow helps to replicate natural flowing rivers and streams. And so, plants can really benefit from a pump like this in the aquarium. It helps them to grow and helps to avoid algae building up on their leaves.

Flow is good for fish too. You sometimes even see fish playing with the flow. We like to think of this as good exercise for the fish, keeping them healthy.

For freshwater tanks, an ideal water turnover would be somewhere between 4 to 10 times per hour. For planted tanks, slightly more flow is advisable of between 6 to 10 times per hour.

For example, if your planted tank is 200 litres that would be between 1200 to 2000 litres per hour.

Keep in mind that filters rarely perform at the level of flow mentioned on the packaging! This is because that is their maximum flow. By the time you add media and a bit of fish waste to the filter, it starts to slow. You can probably at least half whatever the manufacturer flow rate is. This means that a bit of extra flow may be in order!


StreamMax Classic 2000 for marine aquariums

Added flow is very important for marine tanks. This is for a similar reason to above. The sea rarely has dead spots and flow can come from all different directions. So having only one main pump is not enough to keep a marine environment happy in most cases.

For marine aquariums, the minimum recommended flow would be 10 times your water volume per hour. However, many people have a lot more flow than that. Some tanks turnover as much as 70 times the volume of the tank or even more. Of course this entirely depends what species you are keeping. SPS coral like Acropora sp. prefer a much higher turnover of water. Whereas some soft corals like Mushrooms and some LPS corals like Brain corals, do very well with a lower amount of flow.

Live rock massively benefits from a strong flow from all directions. Live rock is full of ‘good’ bacteria and flow will help to sustain the bacteria, meaning that they will work more efficiently to break down waste in the aquarium.



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