Aquadip Dosing Pump 2ml
Aquadip Dosing Pump 2ml
Aquadip Dosing Pump 2ml allows you to easily dispense any of the liquid supplements from the Aquadip Aquarium Care range. When added to an Aquadip bottle, each press of the pump supplies 2ml of liquid. This pump allows you to easily dose straight into your fish tank.
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Bladerunner standard and strong 10 - 20 mm glass slim line for glass cleaner for algae spots hard algae in fish tanks
Bladerunner Glass Cleaner
The Bladerunner Glass Cleaner is an ultra slim algae cleaning magnet. When used with the metal blades, it is only suitable for glass aquariums. However, it can be used with just the plastic blades (provided with each Bladerunner) on acrylic aquariums. These magnets are easy to use! An algae magnet is an essential part of the Fishkeeping Tool Kit because you want to be able to see your fish to enjoy this hobby.
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Deluxe defroster cups by VCA for storage of frozen fish foods and to clean frozen tropical fish food
Defroster Cups
VCA's deluxe defroster cups are ideal for defrosting, draining and rinsing your frozen foods:
  • Great for vacation time food preparation
  • Lid seals tight to prevent spills
  • Small and compact for easy storage
  • Allows storage of frozen or defrosted fish food
  • Removable screen and cup are east to clean
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
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Sale! Automatic fish feeder by Oase FishGuard
FishGuard Automatic Feeder
FishGuard Automatic Feeder by Oase is a reliable battery operated fish feeder. This feeder supplies the fish in your aquarium around the clock. Up to four feedings with three doses each per day can be pre-programmed via an LCD display. This makes it ideal for any aquarium and fish load. The mechanism with special sealing optimally protects the lining from moisture. A power supply for battery operation can be purchased optionally. This means that the device switches seamlessly to battery operation in the event of a power failure
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Flexible Aquarium Hose 5 meter length 12mm internal diameter 16mm external diameter 12_16mm by superfish
Flexible Aquarium Hose
High quality flexible aquarium hose by Superfish is useful for replacing external filter hose, ideal for regular aquarium maintenance (especially for siphoning and to attach to a gravel cleaner), plus these hoses work to attach most aquarium water pumps to reactors and media filters. Check the size required by the product that you need the hose to go with. We stock 5 meter (pre-cut) lengths in two standard diameters:
  • Internal of 9mm with external of 12mm
  • Internal of 12mm with external of 16mm
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Superfish Mag-Clean L large floating algae magnets for cleaning fish tank glass
Floating Algae Magnets
Mag-Clean by SuperFish are floating algae magnets designed for cleaning aquarium glass with ease. These magnetic tools are a must have for any type of glass aquarium!
  • S - for glass thickness of up to 5mm the small size will be OK
  • M - for glass thickness of up to 10mm the medium size will be better
  • L - the large size can be used on tanks with glass thickness of up to 16mm
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Flow Pump Cover Nets for StreamMax intake protection
Flow Pump Cover Nets
These Flow Pump Cover Nets fit most in tank flow pumps. They are especially designed for the Oase range of StreamMax Classic and Premium pumps. Each single pack contains 2 x flow pump cover nets.
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Glamorca activated carbon filter by maxspect for 0TDS RODI water quality
Glamorca Activated Carbon
The Glamorca activated carbon filter removes volatile organic chemicals (VOC), pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and many other harmful chemicals. It is for use with the Glamorca RODI machine. Change it every 6 months along with the Glamorca carbon block filter to best protect the RODI machine's membrane and to achieve top quality water! Very easy to quickly change, especially when compared to traditional RO filters.
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