Green Algae Control


Green Algae Control combats pest algae in freshwater aquariums.

Use for black beard algae, brush algae and thread algae. It works by stopping the algae growth and eliminating new colonisations of algae to prevent future growth.

Choose if you would like a dosing cap or not (there is no charge for dosing caps. However, as they are plastic, please re-use if you already have one). Bottle pumps are available instead of dosing caps if you prefer.

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Green Algae Control by Aquadip helps you combat against green algae growth quickly and easily in tropical or coldwater freshwater aquariums.

The types of pest algae that this product treats include; beard algae, brush algae and thread algae. It works by stopping the algae growth and eliminating new colonisations of algae to prevent future growth.

Green Algae Control dosage instructions:

  • Shake well before use and remove activated carbon and any other chemical absorption filtration (like RowaPhos or Purigen)
  • Add 10ml per 100 litres once a week for at least 4 weeks. If needed, repeat the dosing but with 5ml per 100 litres once a week
  • Do not overdose
  • 250ml will treat up to 2500 litres.
  • 500ml will treat up to 5000 litres
  • 1000ml will treat up to 10000 litres of water

Top tips for algae control

Test your aquarium regularly. Especially for waste levels like nitrate and phosphate. This is because raised waste levels can encourage nuisance algae to grow. If the waste levels are high, water changes can help. If the phosphates are still high after water changes, RowaPhos added to your filter will remove more phosphate.

Grow and feed aquarium plants so that they can outcompete algae within a freshwater fish tank.

Increase flow in aquarium to fight against algae. Most live aquarium plants will appreciate a descent flow, whilst most algae likes more still water. If your filters are running slow – perhaps it’s time to clean them. If you don’t have enough flow from the filter alone, you could add another filter or flow pump.

Make sure you are not providing too much light. Try 6 to 8 hours of light a day and avoid placing your aquarium in direct sunlight.

Reducing plastic waste where possible

A 30ml dosing cap is available on request with this product free of charge. We can provide on cap with each bottle purchased. We do not include cups by default to reduce plastic waste. There are many other ways to measure out dechlorinator. For example, a standard teaspoon is 5ml.

Bottle pump available

Another way to easily dose is by using a reusable bottle pump. The dosing pump fits onto every sized bottle of the Aquadip Aquarium Care product range. The riser pipe can be cut once to the size that you need.
Each press of the pump supplies 2ml of liquid and you can dose straight into an area of high flow directly to your aquarium. Click here to add one to your order.

Green Algae Control Active ingredient: Salicylic acid

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