Aquadip Dosing Pump 2ml
Aquadip Dosing Pump 2ml
Aquadip Dosing Pump 2ml allows you to easily dispense any of the liquid supplements from the Aquadip Aquarium Care range. When added to an Aquadip bottle, each press of the pump supplies 2ml of liquid. This pump allows you to easily dose straight into your fish tank.
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BiOrb Service Kit includes replacement filter for BiOrb tanks, water conditioners to dechlorinate and add in good bacteria after a water change and a soft cloth to clean the acrylic tank.
BiOrb Service Kit
The BiOrb Service Kit includes a mechanical and chemical filtration cartridge, a cleaning cloth designed for acrylic and two water conditioners. This service kit makes maintenance quick and easy for cleaning any BiOrb fish tank. Depending on your stock levels and type of fish, filters need to be changed every 4 - 8 weeks.
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Bladerunner standard and strong 10 - 20 mm glass slim line for glass cleaner for algae spots hard algae in fish tanks
Bladerunner Glass Cleaner
The Bladerunner Glass Cleaner is an ultra slim algae cleaning magnet. When used with the metal blades, it is only suitable for glass aquariums. However, it can be used with just the plastic blades (provided with each Bladerunner) on acrylic aquariums. These magnets are easy to use! An algae magnet is an essential part of the Fishkeeping Tool Kit because you want to be able to see your fish to enjoy this hobby.
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Colombo CO2 refill A+B 3 x 200g
Colombo CO2 Reactor Refill
Colombo CO2 Reactor Refill 1.2KG is for use with the Colombo CO2 Reactor Set.
  • One refill box contains 3 sets of component A and B, 200 grams of each
  • With 1 set of A and B, approximately 105 grams of CO2 can be made
  • One refill box is therefore sufficient to make approximately 315 grams of CO2
The reactor set makes pure CO2 from a chemical reaction. Just add this two part refill pack to the cylinder and within a short period of time, you are making your own CO2 safely at home.
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Colombo CO2 Reactor Set make your own CO2 without using gas
Colombo CO2 Reactor Set
The Colombo reactor set makes CO2 from a chemical reaction, follow the instructions and you can make your own CO2 safely at home for your planted aquarium. Simply use the two part refill instead of exchanging pressure bottles.
No more changing pressure bottles!
The Colombo CO2 Reactor Refill does not come included with this set. If you wish to start making CO2 when you receive this kit, please don't forget to add the refill pack onto your order.
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Tetra Prima Discus Granules mini 30g, 75g, 150g, 300g
Discus Granules
Tetra Discus Granules are a premium complete food for tropical freshwater fish. These pellets are also known as 'Tetra Prima'. Optimally adapted to the special dietary requirements of Discus with regard to colour, shape and formula.
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Sale! Automatic fish feeder by Oase FishGuard
FishGuard Automatic Feeder
FishGuard Automatic Feeder by Oase is a reliable battery operated fish feeder. This feeder supplies the fish in your aquarium around the clock. Up to four feedings with three doses each per day can be pre-programmed via an LCD display. This makes it ideal for any aquarium and fish load. The mechanism with special sealing optimally protects the lining from moisture. A power supply for battery operation can be purchased optionally. This means that the device switches seamlessly to battery operation in the event of a power failure
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Flexible air diffuser for air pumps accessory airstone alternative
Flexible Air Diffusers
Flexible air diffusers by Superfish are an alternative to standard air stones. Theses air curtains are to make a bubble wall effect in your aquarium. Available in three lengths: 125mm, 300mm and 600mm
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