Aquadip Dosing Pump 2ml


Aquadip Dosing Pump 2ml allows you to easily dispense any of the liquid supplements from the Aquadip Aquarium Care range. When added to an Aquadip bottle, each press of the pump supplies 2ml of liquid. This pump allows you to easily dose straight into your fish tank.

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Aquadip Dosing Pump 2ml is suitable to use with any of the Aquarium Care range of liquid supplements Aquadip.

The riser pipe can be cut once to the size that you need with a pair of scissors.

Easy dosing

Each press of the pump easily dispenses 2ml of liquid. This is so that you can dose straight into an area of high flow directly to your aquarium.

The 2ml dosing pump fits onto every sized bottle of the Aquadip Aquarium Care products:

  • H2O Maker – Dechlorinator is for any aquarium to remove chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals from tap water
  • Liquid Filter Medium helps live good bacteria to flourish in your fish tank
  • Liquid Carbon (CO2) helps plants to grow and helps with nuisance algae such as beard and hair algae in tropical aquariums
  • Plant Food+ is a complete aquarium plant fertiliser for freshwater plants
  • Green Algae Control combats green algae in freshwater aquariums
  • Blue Algae Control combats blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) in freshwater aquariums

Uses for Aquadip supplements

Regular maintenance

Aquarium maintenance is best done little and often. Every time you do a water change with tap water you should use a dechlorinator and add some filter bacteria booster to keep the aquarium environment healthy.

The Aquadip H2O Maker dechlorinator also neutralises ammonia and is enriched with vitamins and nourishing aloe vera to de-stress fish and to protect their mucous membrane. For this reason, it should be used any time that there might be any stress in the fish tank. Eg. If you are adding new fish to the aquarium.

Plant care

Liquid Carbon, otherwise known as liquid CO2 is great for plant growth and helps with plant colouration. Plants will also flourish with the nutrition that Plant Food+ provides.

Nuisance algae control

Liquid carbon can also be used to tackle hair algae problems. If the algae is short, dark in colour and tufty, it could be black beard algae. If it is a little longer and more green in colour, it could be hair algae. Liquid CO2 can help to beat these types of algae problems.

For green or blue-green algae control Aquadip also have a liquid solution.


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