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Keeping your fish happy!

Must try – top 3 best sellers:

  1. Live Food
  2. Filter Floss
  3. Frozen Food
A variety of aquarium live foods for the fishkeeper that wants to offer nutritious treats to their pets!
Live Food

Fresh is best!

Live food makes an ideal treat for your aquatic friends. We get a fresh delivery of live food arrive nearly every week of the year.

Live food is rich in nutrients and stimulates a natural feeding response. This can be especially useful if you have a tricky feeder.

Keep your fish happy and healthy by giving them some treats along with their normal diet of high quality dry and frozen foods.

Our most popular live foods are; brine shrimp (any fish can eat these), bloodworm (most fish can eat these), copepods (for marine aquariums), phytoplankton (will feed copepods, filter feeders and corals) and daphnia (ideal for any type of freshwater fish).

Mega Media Small is a fine grade, high quality filtration floss for any aquarium filter my account
Filter Media

Crystal clear

The Mega Media range of synthetic filtration media can be used with all types of internal and external filters and aquariums with sump filters. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

This filter floss is chemical free and has no effect on the parameters of the water.

At Cornwall Aquatics, we also use a small handful to clean the inside of our aquarium glass!

Mega Media Small is otherwise known as filter wool or filter floss.

It is a high quality fine grade white media with a large absorption capacity.  It can be reused several times by washing thoroughly making it an economical filtration wool.

Showing the five different types of food in this blister pack
Frozen Food


Kept in the freezer until you are ready to feed your fish – frozen food is very convenient.

It keeps for a long time and there is a huge range to choose from.

The blister packs give perfectly portioned cubes suitable for an average sized aquarium.

Simply defrost the cubes using something like the defroster cups.

These foods are a great way to get completely natural foods into your fishes diet.

Better nutrition will keep your fish happier, healthier and probably even more colourful too!

Please note that frozen foods are only available for delivery within Cornwall, UK.