Flow Pump Cover Nets for StreamMax intake protection
Flow Pump Cover Nets
These Flow Pump Cover Nets fit most in tank flow pumps. They are especially designed for the Oase range of StreamMax Classic and Premium pumps. Each single pack contains 2 x flow pump cover nets.
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a fine mesh catch net for catching aquarium fish and for helping to maintain your aquarium it's also good for straining live food
Fine Catch Nets
JBL's range of aquarium nets are made from highly robust black nylon netting and have a long sturdy handle. They are ideal for catching fish or for removing particles of dirt and broken off plant matter from the aquarium. Due to the fine netting, these nets are suitable for draining and rinsing frozen foods and for straining live foods too.
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Floating Breeding Trap
The Floating Breeding Trap has a few more uses than you might think, a pretty useful tool for most fishkeepers to have around!
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A snail trap for tropical or coldwater or even saltwater aquariums
LimCollect – Snail Trap
JBL's LimCollect is a snail trap that is a chemical-free and harmless solution to effectively catch pest snails in a freshwater aquarium.
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