Whether it be advice, water analysis or just cleaning your aquarium- Cornwall Aquarium Services aim to help you enjoy fishkeeping!

Our full range of aquarium services includes:

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Setting up an aquarium can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. There is so much to learn and you’ve probably got quite a few questions.

We have a team of experts with the knowledge and experience to achieve a beautiful aquarium in your home or business.

Cornwall Aquarium Services tailor our service to your needs. We offer the help that you require to get started. This can include helping you to choose the right type of aquarium and equipment. Through to fully completing your aquarium set up for you so that you can rest assured that everything is set up as it should be.

Each aquarium set up is unique so please get in touch for a free estimate.

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Water Analysis

“One of the most important parts of fishkeeping is keeping the water” 

This old saying is still true – excellent water quality will go a long way to ensuring the well-being of your fish and aquarium animals.

Testing your aquarium water is the first and most important step for this service. It gives us a ‘snapshot’ of your fish tank and will help us to answer any questions you might have about your livestock health or any problems you may be experiencing. We always have test kits that are up to date because we do a lot of aquarium testing! This means that our kits give us the level of accuracy that we need to determine if there are any issues with your water quality. Once we have taken your readings and talked you through the results, we can text or email them to you if you wish.

Health checks

All of our team have been working in the aquarium trade for many years now and over this time we have learnt what to look out for with fish and invertebrate health. We can also check plant or coral health too. On occasion we may need extra equipment (like a par meter for measuring light levels for plants or corals). If you think that you might need this please let us know so that we can arrange to bring our par meter with us. However, most of the time we can see if there is a problem either from the water analysis or visually.

Problem Solving

During an aquarium’s life you may occasionally run into problems. Common ones are algae or water quality issues and equipment failure. If you experience a problem like this we can help diagnose and provide you with a solution quickly.

For an accurate estimate please contact us to let us know more details about your tank.

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Maintenance packages are tailored to meet your aquarium needs. We offer anything from full weekly maintenance down to eight weekly filter services or yearly sump maintenance.

Our team of enthusiastic fishkeepers will do all that they can to ensure your aquarium is clean and the inhabitants are happy!

Our services usually include;

  • Water analysis
  • Buffers added if necessary
  • Filtration clean
  • Water change
  • Substrate clean
  • Glass clean
  • System check
  • Livestock check

Services prices start from £65 (inclusive of preparation, travel and VAT). Of course, the price depends on so many factors. For example, how large the aquarium is, what type of fish you keep and how long it has been since the last service. For an accurate estimate please contact us to let us know more details about your tank.

For regular maintenance, we also offer pay monthly packages and subscriptions.

Every aquarium should be a living piece of art. Aquascaping can be offered for any aquarium, but we specialise in aquascaping marine aquariums. A full marine aquascape would involve building a sturdy rockwork structure that will allow for coral placement and optimal growth, good water flow and swim throughs for the fish to find their favourite territories to set up as home.

We offer holiday cover for your aquarium but we don’t stop there! Again, this is a completely made to fit service which extends to anything from feeding other pets like snakes or cats to watering house plants and collecting post.

Moving house is enough work without having to think about the aquarium. We can take the hassle out of the move by independently transporting your aquarium and as standard include a comprehensive health check of your fish. If required we can also provide re-aquascaping or deep clean service of the tank at the same time.

Our maximum radius for aquarium moves is 200 miles and the maximum tank size for independently moving an aquarium is 150cm in length.

Please contact us for a free estimate and let us know what type of aquarium you would like moved. If you have a few photos of your tank we may ask you to email them to us so that we can give you as accurate an estimate as possible.

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From fish food to electrical aquarium equipment, we have a wide range of products available for sale to help you enjoy the fishkeeping hobby.

If you need anything in particular to be brought on our visits – just ask.

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