Live bloodworm is a nutritious food suitable for almost any type of aquarium fish
Live bloodworm are a natural and nutritious food for freshwater fish and you will find even the pickiest of feeders will relish them. Marine fish enjoy eating them too.
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Brine Shrimp Live Food is a treat for any aquarium fish
Brine shrimp
Brine shrimp are a well loved treat for almost any aquarium fish.
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Live daphnia in a bag suitable for one feed in a medium sized aquarium
Daphnia is enjoyed by any type of freshwater fish, this natural live food will improve fish nutrition, colouration and general health.
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a fine mesh catch net for catching aquarium fish and for helping to maintain your aquarium it's also good for straining live food
Fine Catch Nets
JBL's range of aquarium nets are made from highly robust black nylon netting and have a long sturdy handle. They are ideal for catching fish or for removing particles of dirt and broken off plant matter from the aquarium. Due to the fine netting, these nets are suitable for draining and rinsing frozen foods and for straining live foods too.
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Glassworms are otherwise known as white mosquito larvae, a great live food for aquarium fish
Glassworms are a nutritious live food suitable for almost any type of aquarium fish. Aquarium fish will show natural feeding behaviour and their colour and health will improve when they get a variety of fresh live foods in their diet.
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doifferent types of live food that are available for order
Live Food Box
A live food box is a treat for any pet fish. Live food stimulates natural feeding responses, increases fish health, nutrition, colouration whilst reducing aquarium waste ↓find out more below↓
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A bag of mysis shrimp, a great food for medium to large reef aquarium fish and invertebrates
Mysis Shrimp
Live mysis shrimp are a highly nutritious treat for medium to large aquarium fish.
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A bag of phytoplankton, a marine algae that is very nutritious for the inhabitants of a reef aquarium
Marine phytoplankton is fantastic for reef aquariums for so many reasons. For better all round health this is worth feeding at least once a month!
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