RODI water at a TDS of 0ppm

We are so happy with our fancy new RODI system. We now have a Glamorca five stage purification system plumbed in at Cornwall Aquatics to get our water to a perfect TDS of 0ppm for only 10p per litre! We can deliver too ?

What is RODI?

The letters RODI stand for Reverse Osmosis De-Ionised. It is purified water made by forcing tap water through a multi stage filtration system including a deionising filter (which not all reverse osmosis systems have). By the time the water has passed through all of the filter cartridges the water is almost 100% pure. This is great for fishkeepers as it takes out chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and organics giving you complete control of your water quality within the aquarium and better aquarium health.

What is TDS?

TDS stands for total dissolved solids. TDS comprises of dissolved substances within water (like minerals, salts, metals, chlorides and organic matter). We measure it in ppm (parts per million) and for reverse osmosis water, the ideal TDS is 0ppm. At Cornwall Aquatics we have two ways of measuring the TDS. The first is an inline TDS meter built into our RODI system that will alert us if any of the filters need changing, and the second (just as back up) is our weekly checks using a D-D digital TDS pen. This way we can ensure that the water is always at best quality for you.

Glamorca reverse osmosis system with a TDS testing pen held in front showing that the water quality is perfect

Our new reverse osmosis system has five stages of filtration to bring you the purest water for only 10p per litre.

The five stages of filtration are; 5 micron sediment filter, activated carbon filter, activated carbon block filter, reverse osmosis membrane and deionisation filter. It also has a booster pump so that we can ensure hat we are producing enough per day.

Salted RODI Also Available

We also supply salted RODI water for 34p per litre. We make a fresh batch of salted water each time a new order is made so your salted water will never be more than a few hours old from being mixed- this is to ensure that it is at its best quality when delivered to you and we recommend using it on the day of delivery.

Reef Crystals

We use Reef Crystals as standard as we have had great success in using this salt on all of our aquariums for many years. We also sell the salt separately if you would prefer to mix your own salted water.

Bucket of Reef Crystals- a high quality brand of salt for reef aquariums
courtesy of Aquarium Systems UK


Just like our live food subscriptions, RODI and Salted RODI are available for regular delivery (every week or every two weeks, or whatever suits you best)! For more information please take a look in our shop.

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