Owning an Aquarium Benefits Wellbeing

There are many benefits to enjoying an aquarium in your living or working space. We believe that owning an aquarium will help you to relax and take you into another mind space whilst you are watching your aquarium animals. Read more to find out about how aquariums can benefit mental and physical health,

How Important is it to Feed Seaweed?

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Feeding Seaweed Supplements – how important could it possibly be? Fair question and really the only way to answer this is that it depends on what fish you’re keeping. For many of the marine fish you see readily available in your local aquatic store, seaweed is an important aspect to their diet. Read more of Nathan’s experience of how important seaweed is here.

Live Brine Shrimp

Fish thrive with live food

Dried food gives fish what they need to survive but feeding them live food will ensure they thrive. Live food provides nutrients in their natural form helping to keep fish well-conditioned, active and healthy. Learn more about live brine shrimp here.