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Purified Water – RODI


RODI water at a TDS of 0ppm and sold by the litre


RODI (reverse osmosis de-ionised) water at a TDS (total dissolved solids) value of 0ppm. We sell RODI for 10p per litre. It is available for collection by appointment or we can deliver to you. RODI water will keep for many weeks if stored n a cool dark place. We recommend re-mineralising it if you are using for freshwater fish or you can use it for marine top up water (just buffer if necessary) or to make your own saltwater mix using a high quality salt like Reef Crystals.

Please note: delivery only available in Cornwall and some parts of Devon, for more information please see our shipping policy. If you order water to be delivered, please have your containers clean and ready for us to fill at the arranged delivery time or if you need new containers you can buy 10 or 20 litre jerry cans from us, for more information please contact us.

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