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A live food box is a treat for any pet fish.
Live food stimulates natural feeding responses, increases fish health, nutrition, colouration whilst reducing aquarium waste ↓find out more below↓

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A live food box is an excellent treat for your fish tank! Live food is great for stimulating natural feeding responses in aquarium and pond fish. It can improve fish health, vitality, and colouration. A natural, tasty and nutritious variation to their diet, the fish will thank you! It is also less waste load on the aquarium. If you feed a food that will naturally live in your type of aquarium, any that doesn’t get eaten can survive in the fish tank. This makes a nice snack for your fish later on and provides a way for your fish to forage for food like they would in the wild.


We have fresh deliveries of live food almost every week of the year!

If you live in Cornwall, we can bring these high quality fish treats straight to your door! Deliveries are usually made on Thursdays / Fridays depending on where you live.

If you are not in Cornwall, we usually send live food boxes out on Monday for Special Delivery with Royal Mail so that you receive it on Tuesday by 1pm. Please note, this service is UK only and you may have to sign for the delivery, so please make sure someone is in to receive the order. If you would like to track your order, just let us know and we can send you your reference number to type into Royal Mail’s Track and Trace.

Made for your fish

We can tailor your live food order to your aquarium. The selection would be based on whether you have a marine aquarium or freshwater aquarium. We also take into consideration how many fish you have, how small or large your fish are, whether you have corals to feed too.

Maybe you have both a reef tank and a freshwater aquarium and are looking to receive foods that suit all of your fish.

There are so many variables, so with that in mind, it’s best that we find out what’s you’d like prior to your first delivery. If you do not specify, we would just send you a selection of whatever live food we have available that would suit both marine and freshwater fish. A box like this typically contains brine shrimp and bloodworms.

Live Food Box Subscriptions

Our subscriptions start from £20 a month. We can deliver monthly, bi-monthly or weekly. If you would like to subscribe to regular deliveries please get in touch for a quote to suit your needs.

We regularly stock the following foods:

Other live foods are also available to order:


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