BiOrb Service Kit includes replacement filter for BiOrb tanks, water conditioners to dechlorinate and add in good bacteria after a water change and a soft cloth to clean the acrylic tank.
BiOrb Service Kit
The BiOrb Service Kit includes a mechanical and chemical filtration cartridge, a cleaning cloth designed for acrylic and two water conditioners. This service kit makes maintenance quick and easy for cleaning any BiOrb fish tank. Depending on your stock levels and type of fish, filters need to be changed every 4 - 8 weeks.
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Tetra Prima Discus Granules mini 30g, 75g, 150g, 300g
Discus Granules
Tetra Discus Granules are a premium complete food for tropical freshwater fish. These pellets are also known as 'Tetra Prima'. Optimally adapted to the special dietary requirements of Discus with regard to colour, shape and formula.
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Oase OptiMax Standard Inline and submersible pumps 500, 2000, 5000
OptiMax Pumps
OptiMax pumps are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. These energy efficient pumps are multi-purpose, and reliable for continuous use. The larger sizes are also flexible in that they can work as inline dry pumps or as standard submersible pumps. The flow is controllable too, which allows for varied usage.
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OxyMax Air Pumps
OxyMax Air Pumps
OxyMax Air Pumps by Oase are high quality controllable flow air pumps. There are three sizes to choose from, the 100 has one outlet and includes one controllable diffuser and the 200 and 400 both have two outlets each and come with two controllable diffusers each. OxyMax air pumps help to keep dissolved oxygen optimal for aquarium fish health.
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Spirulina wafers by Tetra for pleco 42g, 85g and 150g
Pleco Spirulina Wafers
Tetra Pleco Spirulina Wafers are a premium sinking food for all tropical freshwater algae grazers. The shape of these wafers is ideal for pleco mouths to suck onto. They are a good size for all plecos but can be easily broken into pieces if you need to feed smaller amounts. For example, when using in shrimp only tanks.
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StreamMax Classic 2000 to add water movement for plants and corals
StreamMax Classic 2000
The StreamMax Classic 2000 flow pump is suitable for any medium to large aquarium. At 2000 litres per hour, this will add a wide angle flow to help avoid dead spots and discourage pest algae from growing.
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Slim LEDs Superfish for tropical planted aquariums fish tanks from 48cm to 115cm long
SuperFish Slim LED
SuperFish Slim LED tropical freshwater aquarium lights are designed for plant growth. There are four sizes that will work for open or closed top aquariums:
  • 45cm - for aquarium length of between 48 - 66 cm
  • 55cm - for aquarium length of between 58 - 76 cm
  • 74cm - for aquarium length of between 77 - 95 cm
  • 93cm - for aquarium length of between 96 - 114 cm
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Tetra Wafer Mix 68g food for algae grazing fish, catfish, tropical freshwater shrimp and crabs
Tetra Wafer Mix
Tetra Wafer Mix are a premium sinking food for all tropical freshwater algae grazers and bottom feeders. These pellets are smaller than the Pleco Spirulina Wafers and ideal for younger plecos, any type of tropical catfish and for tropical freshwater shrimps and crabs.
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