BioPellets by Aquarium Systems are a large biodegradable filter media pellet. This natural media is used to reduce nitrate and phosphate levels in marine or freshwater aquariums. It is best used in a reactor to keep the pellets moving and for more efficient filtration. Available in 400ml or 1000ml sizes.

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BioPellets for nitrate and phosphate reduction

BioPellets filtration by Aquarium Systems provide an easy to use filtration material for breaking down nitrates and phosphates.

High nitrate and phosphate levels can make nuisance algae grow. So keeping these levels under control not only leads to a more heathy aquarium but is can also help combat algae problems.

These pellets are made of 100% biodegradable polymers. The bacteria that break down nitrates and phosphates are able to use this media for colonisation support, as well as for food.


    • Consists of 100% natural, biologically degradable polymers
    • Suitable for fluidised bed reactors
    • Ideal carrier and nutrient source for nitrate and phosphate reducing bacteria
    • Probiotic method
    • Organic carbon source for living (heterotrophic) bacteria
    • Additional food source for corals and filtering species
    • Long-lasting effectiveness
    • Targeted degradation of nitrates and phosphates
    • 50ml sufficient for 100 litres of aquarium water
    • Dosing cup included
    • Scientifically tested
    • Eco-friendly production

How do BioPellets work?

As the bacteria grow it uses BioPellets as an organic source of carbon (an energy source). It also uses the nitrates and phosphates within the aquarium water. The nitrate and phosphate waste is converted into a microbial biomass and is then removed from the aquarium by protein skimming. We recommend that the outlet of the reactor points towards the inlet for a protein skimmer. This will make the skimmer work more efficiently. However, the biomass is also removed or used by filter feeders and is a source of nutrition for corals, shellfish, sponges and other filter feeding life.

It takes around two to four weeks when first using this product to start to notice a difference in waste levels (nitrate & phosphate). This is because you need to allow time for the natural bacteria to colonise and grow on the filter media. To start with, use 50ml of BioPellets per 100 litres of aquarium water. You can increase this slowly if needed. The maximum dose is 200ml of BioPellets per 100 litres of aquarium water. Top the BioPellets up as they dissolve over time.


Sizes available:

  • 400ml pack is enough to treat 200 – 800 litres of aquarium water
  • 1000ml pack is enough to treat 500 – 2000 litres of aquarium water


For best results use BioPellets in a pellet reactor. A reactor keeps water moving around the pellets which in turn makes the pellets work more effectively. Some other pellets on the market tend to clump and get a bit smelly then they stick together. At Cornwall Aquatics we have not found this to be the case with this brand. We now use it in most of our maintained marine aquariums.

BioPellets are often used in marine tanks but they can also be used in freshwater aquariums to reduce waste levels in the same way.

What is the best flow rate for BioPellet reactors?

Getting the flow right is important so we also recommend using a controllable pump. You can slow the flow to reduce more nitrate and make the flow a bit faster to reduce more phosphate. It is a good idea to regularly test for both parameters so that you can get the speed of water flow just right for your aquarium.

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