BiOrb Service Kit includes replacement filter for BiOrb tanks, water conditioners to dechlorinate and add in good bacteria after a water change and a soft cloth to clean the acrylic tank.
BiOrb Service Kit
The BiOrb Service Kit includes a mechanical and chemical filtration cartridge, a cleaning cloth designed for acrylic and two water conditioners. This service kit makes maintenance quick and easy for cleaning any BiOrb fish tank. Depending on your stock levels and type of fish, filters need to be changed every 4 - 8 weeks.
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Spiral Brush by Oase for cleaning aquarium pipes and spray bars
Spiral Brush
The Spiral Brush is ideal for cleaning the inside of a hose or spray bar with an internal diameter of 9 mm - 25 mm. This brush is 150 cm long. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. After use in saltwater, it should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water.
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BioPellets for nitrate and phosphate reduction in an aquarium
BioPellets by Aquarium Systems are a large biodegradable filter media pellet. This natural media is used to reduce nitrate and phosphate levels in marine or freshwater aquariums. It is best used in a reactor to keep the pellets moving and for more efficient filtration. Available in 400ml or 1000ml sizes.
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Reef spec carbon 100g is a high quality activated carbon that is suitable for any type of aquarium.
REEF-SPEC Carbon 100g
REEF-SPEC Carbon 100g by Red Sea is a high quality activated carbon. It can be used in marine or freshwater aquariums to help achieve crystal clear water.
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RowaCarbon is a high quality activated carbon for better water quality and clarity in an aquarium
RowaCarbon 250g
RowaCarbon is a high performance activated carbon. Used to achieve crystal clear water in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
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Mega Media Large is a coarse grade, high quality filtration media for any aquarium filter and also can be used as a laying media and fry hide when breeding fish
Large Mega Media – coarse
500g pack of synthetic coarse filtration media suitable for any aquarium
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