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Marine phytoplankton is fantastic for reef aquariums for so many reasons. For better all round health this is worth feeding at least once a month!

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The phytoplankton that we stock is Nannochloropsis sp. It is suitable for any marine aquarium but especially for reef aquariums.

Phytoplankton is a natural marine algae that is a food source for many clams (and other bivalves), soft corals, sponges and zooplankton. It contains essential nutrients for health of marine fish and invertebrates.

This product is best used with live marine copepods and live mysis shrimp. Marine copepods and mysis shrimp will both feed on phytoplankton making them far more nutritious to you marine inhabitants when they eat the live ‘pods’ and mysis.

Phytoplankton is also great for corals and will improve coral colour, polyp extension and growth rates.

This live food can be very beneficial for helping to maintain water quality too because it absorbs nutrients from the water to grow.

Feeding instructions: you can’t really overdose phytoplankton. However, we recommend one bag for every 50-100 litres of aquarium water weekly for best results.

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100-115ml pouch, 1000ml bottle


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