Iodine Test Kit

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Iodine Test Kit for marine aquariums and reef keepers by Red Sea. This test is part of the Reef Care Trace Colours program. It can be used as a stand alone test kit or in conjunction with the Trace Colours supplements. Iodine is important for coral health, also it helps corals to colour up and polys to open properly.

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This Iodine test kit by Red Sea, measures the level of total iodine in your reef aquarium.

You can use this test kit to measure iodine levels from 0-0.09ppm. Red Sea’s Iodine Pro test kit is an advanced colorimetric test, measuring the level of total iodine as iodide (I-) & iodate (IO3) to an exceptionally high accuracy of 0.01ppm.

Why should I test iodine in a reef aquarium?

This iodine test kit enables the accurate dosing of iodine to your fish tank. It is important not to overdose iodine because it can cause harm to your corals. However, if the iodine levels are non existent, many corals will not thrive. This is the main reason that it is important to measure iodine.

You cannot get enough iodine for coral growth, colouration and health from water changes alone. This is why Red Sea have created the Trace Colours programme. Through in depth research, they have identified 31 minor and trace elements in addition to the foundation elements present in the skeleton and soft tissue of al corals. Iodine is one of these trace elements, and quite an important one.

Not just for coral keepers…

If your marine tank has a lot of macroalgae, coralline algae or crustaceans you may find that you have a higher demand for iodine than most would expect. There may be a few clues, like the algae bed not growing as quickly as you expect, or perhaps shrimp are struggling to shed their exoskeleton. But, the only way to know for sure, is to test the water.

Dosing Iodine

To dose more iodine to your aquarium, use Red Sea’s Trace-Colours Iodine Supplement. Follow the instructions to avoid overdose.

Red Sea’s Reef Test Kit – Iodine Pro contains:

  • 2 Analytical Grade Glass Vials
  • Durable, Chemical Resistant Plastic Case
  • Colour Card
  • Instruction Manual
  • 10ml Syringe
  • Reagent A – 25ml
  • Reagent B – 50ml
  • Standard – 12g

For more information, have a look here: Red Sea Coral Colour Program/



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