Water Quality in the Aquarium

Water quality is just about the most important part of keeping a beautiful aquarium healthy.

Whatever level of fishkeeping knowledge and experience you have, Cornwall Aquarium Services can help you to achieve a beautiful aquarium in your home or business by helping you to understand water quality or by making sure it is right for you.

We have a team of enthusiastic fishkeepers with many years of experience working in the aquatics trade. One of our most popular services is water analysis, health checks & problem solving.

Beautiful Marine Aquariums Fully Maintained by Cornwall Aquarium Services

Cornwall Aquarium Services maintain aquariums in homes and businesses throughout the South West.

Water Analysis

If you are already a fishkeeper, you’ll know that the most important part of getting this hobby right is making sure that your aquarium water quality is as good as it can be. Water chemistry can be a little complicated to understand – especially when you are new to the hobby. That’s where Cornwall Aquarium Services can help.

You may just have a few questions so that you can learn how to test the tank yourself. In this case, we can give you advice about what test kits are best for you and we can even show you how to use them if required. It is important to understand what you should be testing for in your aquarium. It is also important to know and how to adjust parameters if necessary because this can make a massive difference to the health of your livestock.

Some people prefer not to have to learn the water chemistry side and instead just get someone in to get it sorted. This is often because they are so busy in their day to day life that it’s just easier to leave it all to an expert so that they can just enjoy the aquarium with no hassle. Again Cornwall Aquarium Services can help! We have many customers that book in for regular visits to check on their fish tanks when it’s needed. We adjust parameters at the same time where possible and if there is further maintenance required we will either leave you instructions or can carry that out for you too. If you are really busy, you don’t even need to be there.

Heath Checks

There may be times in the aquatic hobby where you can see your fish or aquarium animals aren’t looking as happy as they normally do or maybe you just want a second opinion on anything from fish health to aquarium system health.

All of our team have been working in the aquarium trade for many years now and over this time we have learnt what to look out for with fish and invertebrate health. We can also check plant or coral health too.

The first thing we will usually do is test the water. Most of the time we can see if there is a problem either from the water analysis or by visually checking your livestock.

It is also necessary for us to check your system set up. Included in health checks, we will have a close look at the aquarium equipment to check if it’s all working as it should be. We may also ask you a few questions about how you run the equipment so that we can advise of are any improvements that can be made. Having the aquarium equipment working as it should will go a long way to ensuring livestock health.

Lastly, if there is a problem with the aquarium health we have a range of further options that we can suggest to help things get back to normal. We will be more than happy to write out a plan of action for you or if you are short on time we can fix problems for you with a maintenance visit.

Problem Solving

During an aquarium’s life you may occasionally run into other problems. Common ones are algae or water quality issues, livestock health concerns and equipment failure. If you experience a problem like any of these we can help diagnose and provide you with a solution quickly.

Our shop – Cornwall Aquatics, stocks most of the things that you will need if you have a problem that needs solving. However, if we don’t have what you need we can either order it in or help you decide what product is the best fit for your aquarium and where best to order it from.

On occasion problem solving may require extra equipment to fully diagnose an issue (like a par meter for measuring light levels for plants or corals). Equipment like this is delicate, so we don’t always carry it around with us. If you think that you might need something like this when we visit please let us know in advance of our appointment.


Water analysis, heath checks & problem solving prices typically range from £28.50 – £65 (inclusive of preparation, travel and VAT). This price depends on your geographical location, what type of aquarium you keep and whether you need any additional services (like par meter readings). For an accurate estimate please contact us to let us know more details about your tank and why you would like some help.

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