Z-CarboPlus 1000ml


Reef Zlements Z-CarboPlus 1000ml is for the reduction of nitrates and phosphates in marine aquariums

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Z-CarboPlus 1000ml by Reef Zlements is a natural way to control nitrate and phosphate in a marine aquarium.

​With the increased efficiency of filtration systems, low and ultra-low nutrients aquariums are becoming more and more popular. Reef aquariums can often become carbon depleted. Biological filtration won’t happen as efficiently as it should in carbon depleted systems. This means that nutrients like NO3 (nitrate) and PO4 (phosphate) are likely to rise. NO3 & PO4 can become pollutants unless other forms of filtration are employed.

Bacteria and other microscopic organisms can assimilate nitrogen and phosphorus if a carbon source is available in adequate amounts. Z-CarboPlus is a natural source of biologically safe carbon and replaces flammable sources like ethanol or vodka.

Z-CarboPlus enhances the rate of microbial growth and reproduction. It improves biological filtration because it allows microscopic plankton and bacteria to consume nitrate and phosphate. These bacteria can then be exported by mechanical filtration and used as a food source by filter feeders like sponges, corals, clams, tunicates, etc.

Dosing Z-CarboPlus

When you start dosing Z-CarboPlus, use 1ml per 100 litres of aquarium water daily. Increase as needed. The maximum recommended dose is 3ml per 100 litres of aquarium water daily.

Don’t forget to measure NO3 and PO4 frequently. Use reliable test kits like the Hanna low range marine nitrate and marine phosphate checkers.

The ideal ratio for carbon, nitrate and phosphate are 106 parts carbon to 16 parts nitrate to 1 part phosphate. If your nitrate and phosphate are present in this ratio, they should reduce towards the desired levels when you are dosing Z-CarboPlus.

​If either NO3 or PO4 drops to 0 ppm, with the other above 0 ppm, your system has likely become limited by the depleted nutrient. In these cases, the existing nutrient will tend either not to reduce or to increase over time. Dose Z-NitroPlus or Z-PhosPlus to overcome this deficiency and optimise your biological filtration.

For most systems Reef Zlements recommend nitrates to be around 5ppm and phosphates to be around 0.04ppm. Once NO3 and PO4 reach ideal levels reduce the dose so that the nutrients stay near those levels and don’t drop to 0ppm.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

Z-CarboPlus 1000ml contains enough to treat an 500 litre reef for between 9 – 28 weeks (depending on your NO3 & PO4 levels). If you have a smaller reef aquarium, click here to see the 250ml sized bottle.


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