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Vitalis tropical pellets deliver a palatable and digestible balanced diet for all tropical freshwater species. With a pellet size of 1mm in diameter and between 1-4mm in length, this food is suitable for almost any kind of tropical fish. Combine this feed with Vitalis Tropical Flakes for best fish condition.

These pellets are ideal for use with the FishGuard Automatic Feeder.

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Vitalis tropical pellets are a palatable and highly digestible balanced feed. They are a complete pet food for tropical freshwater fish.

These pellets are ideal for use with the FishGuard Automatic Feeder.

Unique soft pellet formulation

Each of  Vitalis’ pellet diets are soft for ease of digestion and designed to sink slowly in water. This is to encourage a natural feeding experience for fish. We use this food for our fish at home and have found that fish swimming at different levels of the tank all go for it! We even feed it as part of a balanced diet to tropical shrimp and vampire crabs.

Vitalis tropical pellets have a unique formulation, with key nutritional ingredients. These include a blend of algae and a tailored balance of vitamins and minerals. For more details about composition please have a look at the images above.

Designed to deliver a complete source of high quality nutrition

The natural pigments present in the ingredients of this food also help to support a healthy colouration in your fish. These pellets can be used in combination with Vitalis Tropical Flakes to maintain peak health and condition in your fish.

Feeding guide:

  • Suitable for all tropical freshwater species
  • Feed up to three times daily
  • Test water regularly for waste levels like nitrate and phosphate to ensure that you are not overfeeding
  • Remove any uneaten food
Other instructions:
  • Do not put wet fingers into pot
  • Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children and pets
  • Not for human consumption
  • Make sure that the lid is on properly after use. This is to ensure that the pellets don’t dry out and loose their soft texture and also to ensure that they don’t absorb excess moisture from the environment

Vitalis Tropical Pellets sustainability

Vitalis pride themselves on high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Formulated for all tropical freshwater fish, including:

Guppies, Mollies, Platies, Pufferfish, Snakeheads, Rainbowfish, Gobies and larger Barbs, Tetras and Characins.

Watch tropical fish enjoying being fed here!

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