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Vitalis Cichlid Herbivore Pellets 260g


Vitalis Cichlid Herbivore Pellets are especially designed for cichlids that naturally eat a lot of green foods. However, carnivorous cichlids can also enjoy this food as part of their diet.

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Vitalis Cichlid Herbivore Pellets are a complete pet food suitable for all herbivorous cichlid species.

Wherever your Cichlids come from in the world, they will appreciate some green food in their diet. This food is especially designed for cichlids that naturally eat a lot of green food but carnivorous cichlids will also benefit from some of this food in their diet too. Green foods can help to improve digestion and colouration of your tropical fish. If you have carnivorous cichlids you should also feed Vitalis Cichlid Carnivore Pellets as the main part of their diet.

This unique soft, sinking pellet formulation is very palatable and highly digestible. Which means that there will be less waste in your aquarium compared with lower quality cichlid foods. Less waste equals improved water quality!

It is important not to overfeed. Ideally test your water once a week so that you can keep an eye on the water quality. If your ammonia and nitrite are each consistently staying at 0ppm and your nitrates are always under 30ppm it most likely means that your feeding is about right.

What are Vitalis pellet foods made from?

Vitalis Cichlid Herbivore Pellets include a tailored blend of fish and fish derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, algae, molluscs and crustaceans, oils and fats. Designed to maintain peak health and condition in your fish.

These pellets come in a handy sized recyclable plastic tub that is water resistant. To keep the food in best condition, always make sure your fingers are dry before picking up a pinch of fish food. Also, replace the lid after use and store in a cool, dry place.

Each of Vitalis’ pellet diets are soft for ease of digestion and designed to sink in water. This is to encourage a natural feeding experience for fish.

Vitalis pride themselves on high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients.


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