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Vitalis Catfish Pellets


Vitalis Catfish Pellets are a palatable and highly digestible balanced feed. These high quality soft pellets are suitable for all grazing catfish.

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Vitalis Catfish Pellets are a palatable and highly digestible balanced feed. This soft pellet is suitable for all grazing catfish.

Catfish are great as part of your aquarium clean up crew but their diet needs to be boosted with a good quality food for best heath and vitality. This way they can keep on helping to keep your tank clean for longer! Feed catfish in the late afternoon or evening. This is because catfish tend to be more active in the evening or night.

Feeding a high quality food like this one will mean that there is less waste in your aquarium. With less waste, water quality is improved. It is important not to overfeed. Ideally test your water once a week so that you can keep an eye on the water quality. If your ammonia and nitrite are each consistently staying at 0ppm and your nitrates are always under 30ppm it most likely means that your feeding is about right. If you need any advice or help with regards to testing aquarium water our service team offer an aquarium health check service.

Vitalis Catfish Pellets include a tailored blend of fish and fish derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, algae, oils and fats, molluscs and crustaceans. Designed to maintain peak health and condition in your fish.

These pellets come in a handy sized recyclable plastic tub that is water resistant. To keep the food in best condition, always make sure your fingers are dry before picking up a pinch of fish food. Also, replace the lid after use and store in a cool, dry place.

Each of Vitalis’ pellet diets are soft for ease of digestion and designed to sink in water. This is to encourage a natural feeding experience for fish.

Vitalis pride themselves on high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients.

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