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VisiTherm Mini Heater 10W


The Aquarium Systems VisiTherm Mini (10w) is a miniature submersible heater suitable for 10-20L aquariums

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VisiTherm Mini Range by Aquarium Systems are compact and robust heaters suitable for aquariums and paludariums.

In a heated aquarium, maintaining correct and consistent temperature is very important. The vast majority of fish kept by fishkeepers come from tropical or warmer areas and therefore do not do well in subtropical or cold waters. Constant temperature swings or fast changes in temperature can also have some serious detrimental effects to our livestock and pets, This makes a reliable aquarium heater absolutely essential.

Due to its compact size and toughness the VisiTherm Mini also makes an excellent heater for paludariums of various sizes and where smaller amounts of heated water are required.

The VisiTherm Mini heater allows for efficient precision heating and is made using a tough polymer epoxy resin making it practically unbreakable. Each model is equipped with a special thermal cut out to prevent damage by thermal shock or accidental dry use.

To ensure correct temperature is consistently maintained in your aquarium we highly recommend the use a thermometer such as JBL’s slim glass thermometer. Check a thermometer daily so that you can make sure that your fish and livestock are living in optimum conditions for their health.

This 10W model is recommended for aquariums 10 – 20 L in Size.



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