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TetraPRO Energy Multi-Crisps are a highly nutritious food for tropical freshwater fish.

The additional energy concentrate in these multi-crisps contains high quality oils to improve fish vitality.

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TetraPRO Energy Multi-Crisps are a premium complete food for tropical freshwater fish. Use this unique crisp food alongside other foods such as Vitalis tropical flakes and pellets so that your fish get a varied diet. These crisps are easy to crunch up between your thumb and index finger so that tiny fish can eat it. However, the crisps stay mainly intact in the pot. The crisp size suits most tropical community fish as it is. 

Why your fish will love TetraPRO Energy

  • It’s highly nutritious
  • Tetra’s manufacturing process uses gentle, low-heat for high nutritional value and vitamin stability
  • The food contains high-quality oils to improve fish vitality
  • Multi-Crisps contain prebiotics for improved digestion
  • There is minimal waste and water pollution
  • And so, you will have healthy fish and clear water

A few words from Tetra

TetraPRO has set a new standard in fish nutrition. The premium complete food is manufactured using a gentle, low-heat process. This special manufacturing method gives TetraPRO Energy Multi-Crisps a very high nutritional value. The multi-crisps also absorb less water than normal flake food. This increases the nutrient content per volume.

All TetraPRO foods offer also an optimised protein-fat ratio

This ensures that the fish can use the protein specifically to build muscle by providing plenty of essential fatty acids for energy generation.

TetraPRO Energy is great for fish vitality

The additional energy concentrate in these multi-crisps contains high quality oils to improve fish vitality. The innovative 2-colour technology visually represents these additional benefits.

Less waste

The multi-crisps also crumble much less than normal flakes, significantly reducing the amount of food dust in the containers. The high-quality prebiotics specifically stimulate growth and the metabolism of health-promoting bacteria in the intestinal tract by acting as a preferred source of food for useful bacteria. This minimises water pollution.

Top fish feeding tips:

  • Always replace the lid after feeding
  • Careful to only feed what the fish need in a short period of time
  • Never put wet fingers into fish food pots
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Test your aquarium water regularly to make sure that you are not overfeeding the fish
  • Feed more if the fish look skinny!
  • Give your fish a variety of foods, dry, frozen and live to keep them happy and healthy

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20g/100ml, 55g/250ml, 110g/500ml