SuperFish Slim LED


SuperFish Slim LED tropical freshwater aquarium lights are designed for plant growth.

There are four sizes that will work for open or closed top aquariums:

  • 45cm – for aquarium length of between 48 – 66 cm
  • 55cm – for aquarium length of between 58 – 76 cm
  • 74cm – for aquarium length of between 77 – 95 cm
  • 93cm – for aquarium length of between 96 – 114 cm
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SuperFish Slim LED light units are designed for plant growth and can be used on open or closed top aquariums.

They are what they say they are – slim! These lights are very flat and so they fit within the height of almost any aquarium lid, easily.

Control your lights

A separate controller is available so that you can have the LEDs fade in for a sunrise effect and out at night. Having a short fade in and out, stops the fish from getting a shock when lights suddenly come on at full power. Instead they ramp the power up gently so that the fish get a more natural awakening! Set the controller to run the LEDs at the hours that you choose. Another bonus of the controller is that you can dim the lights manually if needed. This is a very useful feature for newly set up aquariums to help avoid algal blooms.

Should I use LEDs instead of fluorescent tubes?

It used to be common to use fluorescent bulbs over fish tanks. These days most aquariums have moved over to LED lighting as standard.

LEDs do tend to be better in most cases. They keep their colour spectrum for much longer than the old style tubes (T5s and T8s). They also last longer and run on fewer watts than fluorescent lighting. This means that they are cheaper to run.

  • Complete kit including 275 cm cable, switch, ballast and support legs
  • Safe through low voltage and IP67 waterproof
  • Long life span, 30.000 burning hours

Not just aquarium LEDs

We have found that these LEDs work really well in aquariums. However, they are also great to illuminate marine sumps, freshwater paludariums, tropical wall gardens (such as the Versa Garden) and they work well for reptile vivarium illumination too.

SuperFish Slim LED tech spec:

Slim LED 45

Min. aquarium size 48 cm
Max. aquarium size 66 cm
Length 45 cm
Power 24 Watt
Output 24 Volt
PAR (μmol/m2/s) 230
Lumen 1492 lm
Kelvin 7000 K
Angle 120°

Slim LED 55

Min. aquarium size 58 cm
Max. aquarium size 76 cm
Length 55 cm
Power 32 Watt
Output 24 Volt
PAR (μmol/m2/s) 230
Lumen 2024 lm
Kelvin 7000 K
Angle 120°

Slim LED 74

Min. aquarium size 77 cm
Max. aquarium size 95 cm
Length 74 cm
Power 40 Watt
Output 24 Volt
PAR (μmol/m2/s) 230
Lumen 2607 lm
Kelvin 7000 K
Angle 120°

Slim LED 93

Min. aquarium size 96 cm
Max. aquarium size 114 cm
Length 93 cm
Power 51 Watt
Output 24 Volt
PAR (μmol/m2/s) 230
Lumen 3025 lm
Kelvin 7000 K
Angle 1120°

PAR means photosynthetically active radiation, this is the light that we cannot see and makes your plants grow.

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45cm, 55cm, 73cm, 93cm