RowaCarbon 250g


RowaCarbon is a high performance activated carbon. Used to achieve crystal clear water in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

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RowaCarbon is a high performance activated carbon. It will absorb harmful toxins, organic waste products and medication. Thereby improving water quality in your aquarium.

RowaCarbon 250g:

  • Highly effective
  • pH balanced
  • Comes in pellet form (reducing fine grain material)
  • Minimal release of phosphate (low POI = Phosphate Organic Index)
  • Large surface area

Problems with algae are often caused by the release of phosphate (PO4) from impure activated carbon with high POI levels.

If you have been using a lower grade carbon you may have a phosphate build up. Use RowaCarbon in conjunction with RowaPhos to improve the aquarium water quality.

Rinse RowaCarbon with water to remove any dust. This carbon works better when placed between layers of fine filter floss. Use in a sump or a filter. The carbon is supplied with a filter sock to keep it all in one place.

The content of this 250g packet will treat up to 1000 litres (220 imperial gallons) of aquarium water for approx. 3 months.

Common uses for activated carbon:

  • Yellow colouration: activated carbon makes fish tank water clearer.
  • Smell: great for removing odour from fish tanks.
  • After medications: carbon removes aquarium treatments. Use after a medication.
  • If using an ozone generator: 100 to 300 ml of RowaCarbon should be placed directly after the protein skimmer.
If you are using a BioPellet reactor:
It is worth noting that water clarity may improve with the use of BioPellets. This is due to the flocculent properties of the bacterial mulm. However, bacterial filtration like BioPellets will not remove many of the adverse compounds and accumulations that good quality carbon can absorb. The use of a good quality carbon like RowaCarbon is highly recommended.
Also use carbon to deal with:
  • Metals in the aquarium
  • Organic dyes
  • Toxic chemicals released from corals as a means of chemical warfare


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