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Reef Zlements ICP-OES Analysis

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Reef Zlements ICP-OES Analysis for professional ICP analysis of your marine aquarium water. Simply fill up the tubes, register your test online and post to Reef Zlements for testing. This test pack includes the option to have your RODI source water tested too.

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Reef Zlements ICP-OES Analysis is an affordable way to get in depth water analysis.

Water quality is extremely important in an aquarium and especially in a reef aquarium. If you are keeping corals and trying to reduce water changes, ICP tests are necessary to make sure that your water parameters are in balance.

Get an accurate picture of your aquarium water in 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Register for a Reef Zlements ICP account

Once you have your ICP test you can register for a new account by clicking here and filling in the registration form. When your account is registered you can login at any time to check on your test results or register a new test. Reef Zlements will inform you by email as soon as your test results are ready to view.

Step 2: Enter your aquarium details

In each Reef Zlements ICP-OES Analysis kit you will receive a set of bar codes. Enter these barcodes, along with your tank name and aquarium water volume in litres. This is because Reef Zlements will give you recommendations on completion of the tests. For the most accurate advice following your test, enter an accurate estimate of water volume. Remember to minus the rock, sand and equipment displacement from your total volume.

Ensure that you also enter the RODI barcode separately.

Step 3: Stick the barcodes to the vials

The barcodes are easy to stick on to the relevant vials. There is a white rectangle printed on each vial that shows the ideal place to put the barcodes onto the tube. Just make sure not to get your samples in the wrong vial!

There are two barcodes that are the same. These are for your two saltwater vials. This is one test, so take them both from the same aquarium display.

The barcode that finishes with “r/o” is for the RODI water vial (e.g. 0001-xx3xxx-1111-r/o should be attached vertically to the RODI water test tube).

Step 4: Taking a sample

Rinse the 2 saltwater vials 2 – 3 times with your aquarium water to be tested and then fill with with your saltwater.

The third vial is for your RODI sample. Again, rinse it with your RODI water before filling it.

Important reminder: Please send only RODI water in the RODI vial.

Make sure that the vial caps are screwed on tightly.

Once you have taken the samples, take everything else out of the padded envelope that they are supplied in. Pop your samples into the envelope and seal with the adhesive strip.

Step 5: Post the vials

Take the address label (supplied inside the kit) and attach it to the front of the envelope.

Depending on how quickly you would like your test back, choose what service best suits you for sending the samples.

You will need at least a large letter stamp. Better still, pop into your local post office or look online to find other ways to send your test.

Here at Cornwall Aquatics, we usually send our samples to Reef Zlements by Royal Mail on their 1st class service. It is best to send early in the working week. This way you will tend to get your result quicker.

If it is an emergency test, you may want to send it next day guaranteed delivery.

If you are happy to wait a little, the ICP-OES test can be sent 2nd class, the extra time does not degrade the samples and Reef Zlements are still fairly quick to process the samples.

It’s totally up to you!

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