REEF-SPEC Carbon 100g


REEF-SPEC Carbon 100g by Red Sea is a high quality activated carbon. It can be used in marine or freshwater aquariums to help achieve crystal clear water.

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REEF-SPEC Carbon 100g by Red Sea is an ideal additional filter media. It is suitable for both freshwater and marine aquariums.

A 100g bag will treat up to 400 litres of aquarium water for around 2 months. This time scale does depend on the waste load of the aquarium. If you are using it in a very dirty aquarium or if you are using it to remove medication it may become exhausted more quickly. However, because this carbon is so good, it will hold the toxins. Some cheaper carbons will leach toxins back out if you don’t remember to change them on time.

This carbon comes neatly pre-packed into a net bag for easy use. Simply give the carbon a quick wash and pop it into your filter or sump. It works best in an area of medium to high flow. To get an even better performance out of activated carbon, you can use it in a reactor. This means the carbon gets more contact time with your aquarium water.

Highly activated carbon for your aquarium

Activated carbon helps to achieve crystal clear water and does much more…

  • Rapid removal of organic pollutants
  • High total adsorption capacity
  • Ultra low phosphate output
  • Ultra low ash content
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater


Top Tip

REEF-SPEC Carbon 100g is best changed at least every two months. A lot can happen in two months so create a reminder in your diary for when it’s time to change the carbon. Or better still, you can subscribe to a delivery every two months so that we can remember for you! If you are interested in aquarium essentials subscriptions click here to get in touch with us.

Cornwall Aquatics’ subscription boxes:

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