Reef Foundation B (KH) – 500ml


Red Sea KH/Alkalinity Reef foundation B is a carbonate and buffer complex in liquid form that allows you to stabilise levels of KH and other vital minerals within your aquarium promoting healthy and balanced growth in corals and other marine invertebrates.

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Red Sea KH/Alkalinity Reef Foundation B is a complex of of carbonates and other buffers that are present in natural seawater. This balance is vital for any healthy marine aquarium.

Balanced formation of coral skeleton

Reef Foundation B has been especially designed and developed with the reef aquarium in mind. Carbonates, as well as calcium, magnesium and various other elements and minerals form the basic foundations for coral skeletons. Therefore all these elements are absolutely essential for healthy corals and good coral growth.

Maintaining KH (carbonate hardness) and alkalinity in an aquarium is hugely important. Incorrect levels, as well as wild or frequent fluctuations in these important minerals, can have some seriously negative effects on your aquariums inhabitants.

For all aquariums, correct KH levels are one of the most important factors to a happy and healthy aquarium. This buffer is suitable for marine aquariums only, however we do also sell freshwater hardness buffers. For all aquariums it is best to test KH with a reliable test kit. The Salifert KH kit works for both freshwater and saltwater to accurately measure KH levels.

In reef aquariums corals and invertebrates rely on stable KH levels for their health and growth and can be very sensitive to fluctuations or general lack of these essential minerals.

What should my KH level be?

KH is measured in degrees of carbonate hardness (dKH). In natural seawater KH ranges between 7 – 8 dKH but is very stable and fluctuations don’t really occur. Being a small closed system, aquariums are inherently a much more unstable environment.

It is usually recommended that your marine aquarium is kept a bit higher. Here at Cornwall Aquatics we aim to keep most of our marine aquariums at around 8.5 – 9.5 dKH. This does depend on the aquarium, the wishes of the aquarium owners and how often the tank is checked or maintained. Some of our well maintained aquariums run at a lower KH in order to achieve better coral colour and some run at a higher KH to achieve better coral growth. When thinking about what KH to aim for, it is important to take into consideration what types of corals are stocked. It is OK to run a reef aquarium as low as 7dKH and as high as 12dKH in some circumstances. The ideal target levels will vary massively and depend entirely on your specific set up and tank requirements.

The key to a heathy aquarium is stability

Whatever KH you decide to run your system at, try to keep it consistent. Swings in KH levels are stressful to all aquarium livestock (even the filter bacteria)!

Regular testing is a must to ensure correct dosage and to allow you to get to know your aquariums requirements. we recommend using either the Salifert test mentioned earlier or for higher accuracy the Hanna Marine KH Checker.

Red Sea KH/Alkalinity Reef foundation B is part of the Red Sea Reef Care range and is used in all Red Sea’s Reef Care Recipes. For best results, test aquarium levels regularly and use in conjunction Reef foundation A (Calcium) and Reef Foundations C (Magnesium) to ensure a healthy and balanced aquarium. You can learn more about the Red Sea Care program by clicking here.

Reef Foundation B can also be used as a standalone KH buffer for marine aquariums.

Liquid supplement: 1ml will raise the Alk level of 100 litres (25 gal) by 0.036 meq/l (0.1dKH).

Learn more about why to use Reef Foundation B KH here:

Click here to see the Reef Foundation B KH Material Safety Data Sheet


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