Re-Mineral Tropic 250g


Minerals and trace elements for reverse osmosis water and for soft tap water.

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Re-Mineral Tropic supplies all natural minerals and substances for reverse osmosis (RO or RODI) water and soft tap water.

These minerals and trace elements are imperative for the care of fish, freshwater invertebrates and plants. At the same time, the alkalinity is raised and stabilised by adding this powder to your source water.

Used to re-mineralise soft water

In an aquarium, it is important to make frequent water changes. Some tanks also need topping up for water lost due to evaporation in between. You need to re-mineralise your water if you are using RO or RODI water, if you are using rainwater or if you live in some parts of the UK (especially here in Cornwall). Here in Cornwall we usually have very soft tap water.

The process of reverse osmosis filtration is great because it removes all of the harmful substances that can be found in tap water. However, it also removes valuable minerals. RO or RODI water by far gives you the most control over your water quality but you do need to add the minerals back into it.

Tap water in some areas of the UK has a mineral content that is too high for some types of aquarium fish. This is just one of the reasons that some people use RO or RODI water or rainwater. In Cornwall, we tend to have the opposite problem of our tap water being too soft to keep the pH stable for our aquariums.

When your KH is right for your fish, your pH will swing less.

Water testing

We strongly suggest that you test your aquarium and source water before adding Re-Mineral Tropic. This way you know how much to add.

It is also worth doing your research so that you know what KH your fish would ideally like best. Here at Cornwall Aquatics, we aim to keep most of our community aquariums at a KH of between 1 to 2 degrees dKH.

Some fish, like African Cichlids like a much higher KH. Simply add more minerals to achieve a higher KH level. Alternatively you can use a cichlid buffer like Instant Cichlid.

You can accurately check your KH with the Salifert KH Profi Test kit.

Top Tip:

Keep a record of your water quality and of how much buffer you use. This way you can start to see any patterns and it will make your fish keeping hobby easier for the future!


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