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Salted RODI water


RODI water at a TDS of 0ppm then salted with Red Sea salt unless otherwise arranged for Red Sea Coral Pro and sold by the litre.


Salted RODI (reverse osmosis de-ionised) water at a TDS (total dissolved solids) value of 0ppm. We use Red Sea salt as standard. Red Sea Coral Pro salt is also available for the same price if requested.

For best results, we recommend using salted water on the day of collection / delivery. We make fresh batched of salted water for each customer on the same day as it is required where possible.

Salted RODI water pick up:

Our salt water is available for collection by appointment. Please give us a few days notice if possible to ensure that we have enough for you. We make around 200 litres of RODI water per day and quite often sell out. If we have a booking for your water order, we will work to prioritise your order for when you need it. Please make sure you bring clean containers for us to fill.

Salted RODI delivery:

We also offer a delivery service.

Please note: delivery is only available in Cornwall, for more information please see our shipping policy.

If you order salted water to be delivered, please have your containers clean and ready for us to fill at the arranged delivery time.

Need containers?

If you need new containers you can buy 10 litre or 20 litre jerry cans from us too.

If we don’t have as many as you need in stock on our website, please get in touch and we can tell you how long it will take to supply them. We can usually get brand new RODI containers within a week or we may have some spare that have only ever been used for RODI water.

For more information about our RODI system click here


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