NO3:PO4-X Algae Management promotes the biological reduction processes of nitrate and phosphate to reduce nuisance algae in your aquarium whilst also promoting coral growth and colouration.


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Complete, reef-safe, solution for nitrate & phosphate reduction

NO3:PO4-X Algae Management is a complete, reef-safe, controllable solution for nitrate & phosphate reduction. Otherwise know as NOPOX, it is a unique and highly effective way to control the phosphate and nitrate levels in your marine aquarium.

Increased levels of nitrate (NO3) and phosphate (PO4) are one of the main causes of nuisance algae growth in your aquarium. At higher levels they can even have harmful effects on your corals and fish. Because of this, keeping NO3 and PO4 levels in check is vital for a healthy aquarium.

What is NO3:PO4-X Algae Management?

NOPOX is a unique complex of various different carbon molecules and other organic-bonded elements which promote the growth of anoxic bacteria within your aquarium. This anoxic bacteria naturally breaks down algae by controlling nutrients within the water. Use NOPOX to stabilise waste levels and reduce the chance of nuisance algae and cyanobacterial growth.

Achieving a healthier reef aquarium

Maintaining correct levels of nitrates and phosphates is hugely beneficial to corals in a reef aquarium. Better water quality will promote healthier coral growth. By helping to maintain a correct and healthy balance of Zooxanthellae within the corals themselves NOPOX will also ensure your corals are at their most colourful.

Keeping the nitrate levels down will also improve the lives of the fish and other invertebrates in your aquarium. Fish live for longer if the nitrate levels are low. Very high nitrate levels can lead to fish stress and in turn disease.

NOPOX is an essential part of every Reef Care Recipe within the Red Sea Reef Care program. This is a group of recommendations for ideal water parameters depending on what type of reef tank you keep. You can read more about Red Sea’s Reef Care by clicking here.

This product is also used as standalone algae control for marine systems. Dose NOPOX depending on the current amount of nitrate and phosphate in your system. It is essential that accurate readings are taken regularly to ensure this product is working as it should and to prevent overdose. We recommend testing your aquarium water once a week.

We highly recommend testing with good quality test kits like Salifert Nitrate test kit or Hanna Marine Nitrate Checker and the Hanna Marine Phosphate checker (all of which we have available in store).

Protein skimming is a must when using NO3:PO4-X.

Click here to read more about nitrate and phosphate reduction via carbon dosing


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