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Mini Mixed Seaweed Flakes


This 30g pack of 100% natural treat food is great for saltwater or tropical algae grazing fish and invertebrates

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A la Carte mixed flakes of seaweed come in two different flake sizes, this one is ‘mini’ which is suitable for smaller fish (larger fish will also enjoy it too though)! Seaweed is great for replicating natural grazing habits for marine reef fish like tangs, rabbitfish, angels (and many more). It is also really good for some freshwater fish like African Cichlids which need a high amount of algae based foods in their diet. This food is 100% natural and a source of vitamins and minerals for your aquarium inhabitants. Seaweed should be fed as part of a balanced diet alongside other dried foods, frozen foods and live food.

Feeding instructions: This food is quite easy to use as you can just take a pinch and put it straight into the aquarium but if you prefer, you can pre-soak the seaweed in a bit of aquarium water to make it a bit softer. Feed as much as the fish will eat in a few minutes.


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