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Medium Mega Media – green floss


500g pack of synthetic medium size grade filtration floss suitable for any aquarium

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The Mega Media range of synthetic filtration media can be used with all types of internal and external filters and aquariums with sump filters. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The product is chemical free and has no effect on the parameters of the water.

Mega Media Medium is slightly more coarse that normal filter floss meaning that it is a great filter for absorbing medium to large sized impurities. If you use it in combination with normal filter floss it will prolong the useable life of white (polishing) floss. You can also use it instead of normal floss- it is fine enough to achieve good water clarity and will last longer than fine floss if you have large messy fish! It is a high quality medium grade green media with a large absorption capacity.  It can be reused several times by washing thoroughly making it an economical filtration media. To use: loosen the mega media before use and rinse with clean water then place the media into the filter (it can be shaped to fit any filter).


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