Liquid Carbon 250ml


Liquid Carbon helps plants to grow healthily with good colouration. When plants are growing well this can outcompete algae in tropical aquariums.

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Liquid Carbon 250ml by Aquadip is a powerful, readily available carbon source. It is an easy alternative to the traditional C02 injection systems used in tropical freshwater aquariums.

Carbon is essential for plant growth because without it plants will become weak, start to loose their colour and often their leaves end up covered in algae. If your plants are not growing well, starting to turn a yellow colour or struggling to compete with algae it may be a sign that there’s not enough CO2 in the tank for them.

Dosing Liquid Carbon will boost your aquatic plants, they will be able to grow more easily and their colours will be more intense. This product is best used in combination with a quality liquid plant food like Plant Food+ or Ferropol. It’s also important to have good filtration and aquarium lighting for plant health.

Dosage instruction: in a normal planted tank add 2ml per 100 litres once a day. Double the dosage for heavily planted tanks. Do not overdose. This Liquid Carbon 250ml bottle will treat up to 12500 litres.

Liquid Carbon is safe for fish, shrimps and crustaceans. Suitable for freshwater only.

Top Tips:

Plants also like a reasonable water flow. Regularly check to make sure that your aquarium filters are working properly. If it has been a long time since they were last cleaned, you may find the flow slowing.

You can also add flow to the aquarium by using a flow pump such as Reef Flow 2.0 or similar.

When you get new aquarium plants, gently remove them from their bunch or pot. If there is wool around the roots, gently remove this too. Then plant the roots into the substrate. A lot of plants will benefit from an enriched substrate like JBL Manado.

Plants also feed through their leaves. Liquid foods (as mentioned above) plus good aquarium lighting are also necessary to keep your aquatic plants thriving!



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