LimCollect – Snail Trap


JBL’s LimCollect is a snail trap that is a chemical-free and harmless solution to effectively catch pest snails in a freshwater aquarium.

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This snail trap is a chemical-free and harmless solution to effectively catch pest snails (like Trumpet Snails) in a freshwater aquarium.

Too many snails in the aquarium often cause problems with pH crashes – especially in Cornwall where we tend to have naturally soft water. This is because in order to grow their shells, snails utilise a lot of calcium, magnesium and other trace elements from the aquarium water. Another problem with pest snails is that they can start to eat your aquatic plants.

LimCollect is easy to use! The best time to set it up is at night when most fish have a resting phase and the snails are more active. Most fish will not be able to enter the trap and will also be less likely to at night anyway. However, if any do get unintentionally caught there is water flow through the trap allowing oxygen for the fish to be unaffected.

JBL’s LimCollect snail trap has two rods which can be inserted into the guides above the green comb on each side of the trap. This is so that you can set the comb height to your choice of three heights (depending on how big your snails are and how small your fish are). Setting the trap at the right height normally prevents your fish from entering unintentionally.

Before using the trap, fill the food holder with any type of dry aquarium food. Once the food is in and the comb height is set, place it in the aquarium. Due to the inward leading comb, once the the snails enter the trap for food they will not be able to leave the trap again.


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