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Krill Superba 250g


Gamma’s Krill Superba is an all natural and highly nutritious food larger ornamental fish in both fresh and saltwater aquaria.

This frozen 250g slice makes for easy storage and portion control.

Please not we can only deliver frozen foods to Cornwall, UK.

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Gamma Krill Superba 250g a highly nutritious frozen food for larger aquarium fish in an easy to store slice
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This item: Krill Superba 250g

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Krill Superba (250g) by Gamma is highly nutritious and all natural.

Krill are an amazingly high quality food. In nature krill are a food source for a myriad of creatures. Ranging from smaller fish to the giants of the ocean, such as some whale species.

This all natural food is high in protein. When fed as part of a well rounded diet, it will help promote good health.  Colouration and longevity in your aquarium inhabitants can also be improved.

What fish like to eat Krill Superba?

Krill are larger than most of frozen foods such as Mysis and brine shrimp. As such, they are suitable for medium to large ornamental fish. For a more suitable and equally nutritious feed for smaller fishes we would recommend trying frozen mysis.

Frozen foods are great as both a treat and as part of a well rounded diet. Frozen krill is a brilliant way to encourage some of the more fussy eaters or new tank additions to start feeding. Some fish have been known to completely shun flake food such as marine lionfish and eels and this is where frozen food really comes into its own. In these situations Gamma’s Krill Superba will make for a brilliant food source and foundation for your fussy fishes diet.

For not so fussy fishes, it is normally easier to get a fish starting to feed with foods such as this as they resemble more natural food.  You can later be transition fish to flake and pellets. Although, with all fish we recommend feeding a range of foods for a balanced diet.

This Krill Superba 250g frozen slice comes in a flat pack so can be easily stored. Portion control is very easy. We recommend defrosting in a small amount of aquarium water shortly before adding to the aquarium. Give your fish as much food as they can eat in around one minute.

Gamma foods offer high quality ingredients.
They are rapidly packed, sealed & frozen. Then gamma irradiated. This completely eliminates any risk of introducing harmful parasites or bacteria into your aquarium, and also means that the food is completely safe to store in your freezer.


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