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Jerry Can – 10 litre


Jerry Can – 10 litre is a container suitable for storing RODI water or for moving saltwater.

This plastic jerry can is stackable with other jerry cans of the same size and design.

Please note that we can only deliver water to Cornwall, UK.

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Jerry Can – 10 litre is a container suitable for storing RODI water or for moving saltwater.

This plastic jerry can is stackable with other jerry cans of the same size and design.

Purified water can be stored for many weeks if it is kept in a cool dark place.

RODI in freshwater tanks

Our RODI water can be extremely useful for freshwater aquariums. In particular softwater fish like discus or some South American fish can benefit. This is because they come from areas where the KH and pH are naturally very low.

Here in Cornwall, we are lucky that our tap water is usually fairly low in KH. However, you do not have as much control with tap water as you do with purified water.

The process of reverse osmosis filtration makes our RODI water very pure:

  • It removes chlorine and chloramines (which are bad for beneficial aquarium bacteria).
  • RODI filtration removes organic waste. Meaning that the phosphate and nitrate levels are 0 ppm. This is great for controlling algae problems in a freshwater aquarium. If your nitrates and phosphates are high, pest algae will grow. Unfortunately, here in Cornwall, our tap water is often high in phosphate.
  • It also removes heavy metals which can be damaging to some species.
  • Lastly it removes trace elements and minerals. For this reason we recommend adding Tropic Marin Re-Mineral Tropic if you are using RODI for freshwater aquariums.

Re-oxygenising RODI

It is a good idea to re-oxygenising purified water before use. Simply run an air stone into the container of water before you use it. One hour will probably be enough but some people will do this for up to 24 hours.

RODI in saltwater aquariums

For saltwater only buffer top up water when needed. Test your water on a regular basis to determine what minerals need adding to the aquarium. Because only pure water evaporates, saltwater will become more salty when it is not topped up for evaporation. It is a good idea to have a constant supply of RODI water available. You can use an automatic top up system to ensure that the water in your main tank is staying the correct salinity.

Top Tip:

Please remember that when water is removed from a protein skimmer is it dirty saltwater. So, if you are heavily skimming, a little salt may be needed in your top up to correct the salinity.

Salted RODI water

If you have a marine aquarium you could also add salt to this water to make it up to the right salinity for partial water changes. Use an accurate salinity measurer to make sure you mix the saltwater to the correct level.

If you prefer, we can mix the water for you. We sell RODI, mixed with either Reef Crystals, Red Sea or Red Sea Coral Pro salts. You can specify which salt you prefer as they are all slightly different in their make up. For more information about salted water, feel free to contact us.

If you would like to order this container with RODI or salted RODI please add the amount of litres to your cart that you would like and we can deliver to your door.*

Jerry Can – 10 litre holds slightly more than 10 litres of water.

We can deliver to your door if you live in Cornwall, UK.

For more information about this product contact us.

*for more information about delivery, please have a look at our shipping policy.


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