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Instant Cichlid salts by aquarium systems is designed to stabilise and maintain correct water conditions for aquarium set ups containing African Cichlids.

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Instant Cichlid by Aquariums Systems is a pH & KH salt buffer. Especially for African Cichlids, it stabilises both the pH and osmotic pressure of water in your aquaria. Instant Cichlid ensures that water conditions and mineral levels are optimised and maintained for healthy living conditions for your fish.

Maintaining mineral and salt levels is absolutely essential in every aquarium. The correct levels vary depending on your tank inhabitants and set ups. Here in Cornwall our tap water is very soft. If you are keeping African Cichlids you need to add a buffer like this to recreate their natural living conditions. Once the pH & KH are right for your fish you will see better health, growth, colour, longevity and happiness in all of your livestock.

Is this product right for your aquarium?

To know if this buffer is right for you, you must first have a little knowledge of your own fish. Specifically, where do they come from?

Cichlids are a one of the biggest families of fish. There are hundreds of different species including fish such as Discus, Tilapia and the well know Oscar.

Cichlids are found in lots of places throughout the globe and their water conditions vary massively. South and Central America, and the African Rift Valley Lakes are the two most common areas where aquarium cichlids come from. Both these areas vary massively in terms water parameters and mineral levels. The African Rift Lakes tend to be very high in minerals with very hard water (high pH and KH Levels). Whereas areas like the Amazon Basin is much softer with more organic compounds and much lower pH and KH levels.


Whether keeping Malawi, Tanganyikan or Lake Victoria African Cichlids, Instant Cichlid comes with guidelines of how much to use. However, testing the KH is still important. Test your aquarium before and after dosing so that you know how much the buffer brought the KH up by. We recommend testing with an accurate test kit like the KH/Alk Salifert Profi Test.

Instant Cichlid salts are especially designed to condition water to be close to the natural water found in the African Rift Lakes. This ensures all the natural minerals and salts are present ensuring correct osmotic balance for your fish and promoting their health and happiness.




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