HI-772-26 Reagent – dKH


HI-772-26 Reagent – dKH is a pack of 25 tests for use with the HI-772 Hanna Checker – KH (Saltwater)

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HI-772-26 Reagent is for use with the HI-772 Hanna Checker – KH (Saltwater). This test kit is easy to use and the results are easy to read. This test is designed to accurately test saltwater aquariums. The checker initially comes with a pack of reagent but once this is used up you can buy this refill in order to carry on testing. There are 25 tests per refill pack.

Why is KH Testing Important?

Alkalinity helps to maintain a stable pH, a vital factor for most aquatic life. Corals also need an adequate level of alkalinity in order to support healthy growth. If levels are too low, corals cannot precipitate and form their skeletons. If levels fluctuate too much or too quickly, growth can become impaired.

The more precise and stable the levels, the better the results. With regular, precise monitoring, fluctuations in levels can be quickly corrected, giving your corals the best chance of success.

We recommend checking your KH at least weekly and adjusting as necessary.

Marine KH

Natural seawater has a KH of 7 – 8 dKH (or 2.5 – 2.9 meq/L which is a different unit for expressing KH/alkalinity.

Here at Cornwall Aquatics we aim to keep most of our reef aquariums a little higher than that at around 9.5 dKH.

If you need to add alkalinity to your saltwater aquarium, it is first worth checking that your salinity is correct. Most salts are now designed to be used with RO or RODI water. This means that they have a good KH content. If you have been making regular water changes with a good quality salt and your KH is still too low, it could mean that your animals are using the KH from the water to grow. In this case you will need to add some KH + pH Buffer to slowly bring the KH of the aquarium up to the desired level.


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