Flexible Air Diffusers


Flexible air diffusers by Superfish are an alternative to standard air stones. Theses air curtains are to make a bubble wall effect in your aquarium.

Available in three lengths: 125mm, 300mm and 600mm

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Flexible air diffusers by Superfish are designed to make a wall of bubbles in your aquarium.

Flexible air diffusers are available in three different lengths:

  • 125mm / 12.5cm
  • 300mm / 30cm
  • 600mm / 60cm

Use air curtains to make a wall of bubbles to compliment your aquascape. Use to accentuate features of you tank, for example, place around, or behind wood, stones or ornaments within your tank.

It’s a good idea not to place the diffusers too near to an external filter intake, because pressurised filters might suck in the air and not run quite as well as a result.

Air pump power for flexible air diffusers

The 125mm length is for smaller air pumps such as the OxyMax 100 (100 litres per hour)

300mm is for medium to larger air pumps such as the OxyMax 200 (200 litres per hour)

And the 600mm length is for large air pumps such as the OxyMax 400 (360 litres per hour)

If you don’t already have an air pump, you will need one to make these air curtains work. We recommend the OxyMax range of air pumps.

If the air bubbles do not travel all the way down the length of the diffuser, it probably means that you need a larger air pump.

Using air with CO2

If you have a heavily planted aquarium, it is a very good idea to add CO2 during daylight and oxygen when the aquarium lights are off. This is because, through the process of photosynthesis, plants utilise CO2 to produce oxygen when the lights are on. Then the do the opposite when darkness sets in.

Fish need dissolved oxygen

In order to stop the oxygen levels from dropping too low at night, using an air pump is a fantastic option. People with very heavily planted tanks tend to pop their CO2 unit and air pumps on timers.

Timer settings

For best plant growth, have the CO2 unit turn on around 30 minutes before your lights come on and turn it off around an hour before the lights go off and have the oxygen come on and off at the exact opposite times.

If you don’t have a heavily planted tank you might want to leave the air pump on all day and night.


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125mm, 300mm, 600mm

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