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Daphnia is enjoyed by any type of freshwater fish, this natural live food will improve fish nutrition, colouration and general health.

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Daphnia is a fantastic live food for any freshwater fish.

You can add this food straight to the aquarium complete with the water they are supplied in or you can filter them through a net and add just the animals. Ensure the net size is sufficiently small not to let the daphnia through. You will need a mesh of no larger than 400 microns (0.4mm) for this.

One bag of daphnia contains enough animals for one feed for an average 60 litre aquarium. This is only a guide though as it depends on the number, type and size of fish so make sure that your fish will eat the bulk of them in less than 15 minutes.

Fish really enjoy eating this natural live food and it will improve their diet, colouration and general health.


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