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California Blackworms


A live food for almost any aquarium fish that will improve nutrition, colouration and health.


California blackworms keep really well provided they are kept cool. Best kept unopened in the refrigerator in the bag until you use them. If stored properly they should keep for a week or more.

They can be added to the aquarium complete with the water they are supplied in or you can filter them through a fine net and add just the worms. If you float them for 20 minutes before adding them there’s a good chance that some will escape into the substrate and help to clean up the tank and possibly even breed in the tank too.

These worms make a great treat food for nearly all aquarium fish (they may be a little too high protein for some African Cichlids). Blackworms will only live in freshwater aquariums but can be fed to marine fish too (just make sure you only feed as much as they can eat in a few minutes because any uneaten worms may raise waste levels in a marine aquarium.


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